Mythic Voices

Mythic voices is a space and platform for folk whose work is inspired by Myth. All the “voices” are friends of Bard Mythologies. They are from different fields: artists, poets, writers, storytellers, activists etc. All have an interest in mythic roots in modernity whether from a cultural, political or commercial point of view.

Karina Tynan

Karina is a poet and storyteller and long time “Bard”. Her tellings of the Women of Irish Myth have been consistently highlight and inspiration of the annual Summer School.

Adam Wyeth

Adam is a poet, playwright and cultural critic with a particular interest in Celtic Myth. His recent book analyses Mythic themes in 16 of Ireland’s best known poets.

Sorcha & Aron Hegarty

The Hegarty brother and sister pair have done a wonderful job in setting up Candlelit Tales where the Myths are told again in their time d format – and often in a Dublin pub – no better ‘mythic’ work place.

Paul Joyce

Paul is a painter (and architect) and much of his work warrants the descriptio “Artist of Myth”. His children of Lir paintings and his Cesair, as well as Newgrange and Skellig are an impressive body of work.

Sandy Dunlop

Sandy is an immigrant; bord in India, educated in England, born to Scottish parents and now an Irish citizen. Works in a corporate and brand context with archetype, brand and film.

SionnĂ¡n Ni Nuallain
Storyteller and Writer

SionnĂ¡n is a playwright, storyteller, and puppeteer based in Dublin. She is a founding member of Drawn With Strings theatre company and a core member of Tales from the Shadows, a puppetry and storytelling collective.