IMMERSION III: Week 3, The Fenian Cycle

 Week 3 Recording 1

 The Battle of Magh Lena Part II First Half of the Story

Eoghan grows bitter and ventures North to see the prosperity in the North.

He issues threats of massacre. Conn capitulates. Eoghan overjoyed. But Conn’s

Brothers slaughtered. No peace now!

Teller Emmet Driver

 Week 3 Recording 2

The Battle of Magh Lena Part II Second Half of the Story

Conn’s dilemma as to whether to attack at dawn. Fianna refuse to join dawn attack.

Great slaughter. Goll and Eoghan battle and Eoghan finally slain. Conn High King

And Ireland united again…. But yet, never whole again

Teller Emmet Driver

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