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Nine Wave Immersion 2 - September to December 2020

September 13 - November 25

The second Nine Wave Immersion in Irish Myth

Picking up the Myths of the Outlaw

And exploring the matter

of insiders and outsiders in culture

through the stories.

Starting September 13th and for 12 weeks

Every Sunday 4pm to 6pm GMT (Irish Time!)

And Wednesday 7pm to 8.30pm

Programme  bardmythologies.com and booking details

An Immersion in Irish Myth:   Through Nine Waves II –

Myths of the Outlaw: Insiders and Outsiders

What is this Immersion?

Building on, but also independent of the first Nine Waves Immersion (ran April to June 2020) and the Bard Summer School 2020, this Second Journey picks up powerful Irish Myths to build on and also explores the insights, vision and world view of native Irish ideology.

In this immersion we will pick up with a Myth Cycle that we have so far not explored, the Fenian Cycle and the stories Finn MacCumhail. Here we are looking at the “hero outside the tribe” in contrast to the Ulster Cycle which was the “hero inside the tribe”.  We will return to the stories of the Mythological Cycle and the Book of Invasion and suggest an emergence of a “Mythology of the Not Chosen People”.  This then will be contrasted with what, arguably has been a dominant myth of the last 500 years…. that of the Chosen People, of Manifest Destiny

and cultural exceptionalism.

Again we will complement these myth tellings with input from various writers and thinkers whose work is complementary.  As always, the meanings are up to the participant, individually and collectively.

Myths and Archetypes we will be exploring:

Our Second 12 Week Immersion in the unique Irish Mythology through Oral Myth Telling, Group Discussion and exploring contemporary relevance.




September 13
November 25