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Nine Wave Immersion 2

Starting September 13th for 12 weeks Every Sunday 4pm to 6pm GMT (Irish Time!) And Wednesday 7pm to 8.30pm Programme and booking details What is this Immersion? Building on, […]

Nine Wave Immersion 2

The second Nine Wave Immersion in Irish Myth Picking up the Myths of the Outlaw And exploring the matter of insiders and outsiders in culture through the stories. Starting September […]

Nine Waves Immersions: Conaire Mor; Geas, constraints on the powerful

Online via Zoom

What is this Immersion?
When the Celts arrived in Ireland it was a druid encounter with the Tuatha de Dannan, over 9 waves. This immersion is through the waves, a diving into more of the great stories followed by group discussion and various inputs to tell the ‘story of the stories’.
We will complement these myth-tellings with inputs from writers, painters, historians and academics whose work complements the world view brought to life through the stories.
Obviously, we (the Bard team) love the stories but the interpretation of their meaning and relevance is always left to participants who we see as active contributors to the relevance and meaning of the stories.
Places are limited, if you are interested in taking part, please email