The Paul Joyce Collection

Paul is a painter and an architect.  In his architectural practice his work embraces the unifying theme of ‘Light’.  His approach being  to find ways of bringing the light into the building and the lives of the occupants.  In his painting he frequently combines the light into his use of Irish mythological themes.  One example was his painting of the Newgrange Cosmology and Mythology where ‘Light’ plays a pivotal role in his rendering of a Neolithic burial mound, that place of great spiritual and cosmological significance. Paul, like the Renaissance Artists of Fifteenth Century Florence, is inspired to paint the mythological.  His particular interest is the often forgotten mythologies of the Irish tradition and particularly the Lebor Gabála – the book of invasions and indeed the other theme of the mythological Cycle of Irish Myths, the theme of exile. Ireland’s foundation myths, then, are those of the twinned themes of invasion and exile, a people, it seems who have come from elsewhere and who have gone to somewhere else. This is surely a mythological foundation of great contemporary relevance.

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