Lavercham was a woman resident in the court of Conor MacNessa, and she agreed to take sole charge of the infant Deirdre until such time as she could be married to the king.

Stories of Lavercham:
Some sources say that Lavercham was a satirist and that all were wary of her sharp tongue. Nevertheless, she was kind and motherly to Deirdre, and brought her up as a noble woman befitted to be a king’s bride, not allowing her to see any other man. She did feel that it was unfair for such a beautiful young girl to be married to a man so much older than herself, so that when Deirdre said she would only love a man with white skin, red cheeks and black hair, Lavercham told her where such a man might exist. She may even have colluded in the elopement of Deirdre and Naoise. Little else is known about her.

Lavercham was a respected woman for her wisdom and good sense. She was an excellent mother figure to Deirdre, and the two enjoyed a genuine affection. Lavercham had an innate sense of fairness and romance, which prompted her to assist the unlucky lovers, and although she did the king’s bidding for many years, she was not above disobeying him when she saw fit.