Journey into the Forgotten Wisdom of the Irish Myths

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The ‘Through Nine Waves’ immersion offers an opportunity to experience the Irish encounter with the divine, the gift of a way of seeing the world, silver branch perception, to learn of the first people to arrive in Ireland, after an epic journey that makes the great Homeric Odyssey look tame


Explore the wonder of Ireland through the stories of Irish Mythology & Folk Legend

Who is the Bard for?

Bard is for anyone with an inquisitive mind who loves stories and mythology and just has a sense that there
might be something in this ‘stuff’ of culture, in no small part because it has lasted such a long time and is,
essentially, of the people, the wisdom of the people.

What is the purpose of the Bard?

The primary purpose of the Bard is the re-engagement with a unique traditional heritage in order to help us
reflect on where we are today. To ask whether myths are true is the wrong question, the question to ask is to
do with their utility.

Check out the results of Bard’s Global Survey of Irish Myth

GSIM – Main Outcomes

Interest in the Myths Overall, interest in learning more about Irish Mythology is high, with over 80% of respondents expressing interest in obtaining more information about the Myths. ... [Read More]

GSIM – Implications of Study

There are a number of implications of what has been discovered from this study: The Little Known Wisdom Tradition There is some awareness of half of what has been described as the ... [Read More]

Bard's Global Survey of Irish Myth