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What Does The Bard Do?

The Bard offers an authentic immersion in ancient stories and myths. It works with a proven “Mythic Method” that brings the timeless myths to life through the telling, through discussions and then through re-tellings. The method uncovers and exposes the contemporary relevance of the myths. This means people can automatically relate to the archetypal characters and mythic structures in their own lives.

An Overview

The Bard Site is, for many the first point of contact. What is on offer here to subscribers is an oral rendering of The Irish Myths, organised in to the traditional four Cycles: The Mythological, The Ulster Tain, The Fenian and the King. We have added another which we call Voyages and Adventures.

This year we are adding Bard Global, where we are producing Oral Tellings of some of the Mythologies of the World. For various reasons we think Ireland is a natural place to host such a collection (see Bard Global Why Ireland).

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