There was much as effort to have the greatest feast of all times. King Gunther was asked if Kriemhild could join the celebration as the  sparkling main attraction. You have to keep in mind Siegfried hadn’t met her so far. She was well hidden in a tower and was watching the scenery. So for this feast Gunther agreed to introduce her to the audience.The feasting started with the usual tons of finest food and barrels of delicious wine. Just the cream of the crop was good enough to be presented. The castle was bathed in light and motion. The feasting got exuberant and all enjoyed the high time. From hour to hour the anticipation grew in waiting for the climax.

Suddenly the merry crowd was shouting for the most glamorous Burgundian celebrity. Alas they wouldn´t be beaten by disillusion… Kriemhild took the stage escorted by her maidens in full sail.She was dressed in finest silk and satin. Delicate jewels were sparkling around her neck.  She appeared like a bright swan on black waters. Her fair hair was flowing down her shoulders and she gave the world a most charming look. The audience was applauding.Well Siegfried was moonstruck. An electrical storm was twisting his body. The taste of the most potent drug nature has to offer. One stich of the needle and the powerful hero was  powerless at all. Just to crown it all Gunther suggested Kriemhild should give Siegfried a kiss in honouring his mighty deeds. So she did and  the young hero was standing in flames. Time stood still as always it turned out to be a streak of lightning that flashes  and fades in the summer sky…

After days of heavy feasting the last meal was swallowed and the last barrel of wine was emptied. The guests left in some fragile way. Siegfried remained at Worms in waiting for the perfect moment.  The right time to ask Gunther for his sister´s hand. And imagine it would never have come to his thought that Gunther would forestall his precious aim.  On a calm, quiet evening in front of the fireplace Gunther took Siegfried in his confidence. In the cozy twilight of the dancing flames, they were drinking red Burgundian wine. And Gunther  confessed his longing for the legendary queen of Iceland. He pondered and considered about the risk. Brunhild was notorious as could be but the simple truth was heart over mind. Siegfried was shocked, he tried to advise against but Gunther insisted. Even the dangerous competitions couldn´t hold him back.

He asked the most fateful question: He said,“I beg you for help. If there is any reward you might ask for – you shall get it.“ Now imagine the impact on Siegfried´s mind when he heard these words. Siegfried experienced heaven and hell in the blink of an eye. And he knew this was the time of his life. The best stab at the beast and chances are high only once.  Of course there would have been a price to pay, but surely this was not the moment of consideration. So in the heat of the moment he assured Gunther his help and loyalty. At the same time he asked for the hand of Kriemhild. Gunther nodded and the fate was sealed.

Just some days later a journey was prepared. On the wings of the wild winds that howled during day and night therewas a strange feeling of excitement.
A seaworthy ship was equipped and storage was loaded. Before the cast off four of the finest horses were brought on board.When the ship was ready to leave only four men of action were embarking. There was Siegfried and Gunther, of course. And there was Gunther´s uncle by the name of Dankwart and last but not least Hagen von Tronje, the first knight.

They set sail for an adventure in the land of the northern lights. The plan was Siegfried would pretend to be the vassel of Gunther and his stirrup holder. Thus he could always be near to the king. At the day of the competitions he would take the magic hat. As an invisible shadow he could support Gunther´s actions. This marvellous team of the two of them should be able to beat Brunhild´s strength. Well the four men were bonded by a pact and agreed to keep it secret for ever. But despite this during the first days of the journey Hagen von Tronje had his on thoughts. He wasn´t convinced about the plan. No one could say how it would turn out in the end. So many aspirants had lost their lives so far.

As always he worried about the king and his well-being. As a true protector of the royalty he couldn´t gain any peace of mind. And, of course. Hagen felt the young hero was too bold for his own good. And Siegfried was gaining too much influence on the kingdom´s matters. What should come up next? Well when the rest of the travelling party was close, he was far away.

It started as a calm journey down the river Rhine. When they reached the sea things turned rough. The waves erupted high as walls with crests of white spray. The waters boiled up like giant geysers. Terrible noises echoing the winds and it felt like the sea gods had unleashed their horses. The clouds in the sky were chasing the sun like stallions in a race of madness.But Siegfried just laughed at the turmoil. He held the steering wheel with strong hands. He was yelling with excitement as his companions were in terror.  But finally they approached the mystic isle of Iceland.

With big eyes they all witnessed a spectacular sight. The sun pushed away the clouds and a magnificent rainbow appeared. It bent over the mighty castle of Isenstein the stronghold of Queen Brunhild. The seagulls were flying by and soon the ship got to the harbor.  The men saddled their horses and Siegfried held the stirrup for Gunther.The four of them went on the final part of their wonderous journey.The way up to Isenstein was dangerous and treacherous. Narrow pathways flanked by rocks like muted giants. They surmount chasms and dark places
of threatening abysses. As they reached the gates of Isenstein they crossed the portal to another world. A land of otherworldly flavours and colours of the strangest kind. The whole place was cloaked in clouds and misty shadows.

Brunhild and her female warriors were already in waiting. They had watched every detail of the arrival. The men from Burgund were quite surprised by all the women in full armor. Wild eyed female fighters bristling with weapons were completely unfamiliar for the Burgundians. They seemed to belong to some most exotic kind of strange folk. Hagen noticed these women were masters of martial art and as a professional he knew he shouldn´t mess with them. Brunhild bade them the most wildest welcome. She raised a goblet of blood red wine and asked with a smile:                                                “Gentlemen, who is the one who chose to die on this very day?“The incoming party was paralysed. Siegfried was the first to break the spell. He shouted:  “Meet glorious king Gunther. He challenges you for the competitions you requested and asks you to take his hand as his wife.“ But just at that second Brunhild recognised her former guest.Siegfried caused her affection again and she was disappointed about
the aim of king Gunther. Her mind was finished. Siegfried should have been the right candidate. But wishing is for fools and tears for the brave!Alas Gunther was caught by her strange beauty and was blinded by sheer lust. He was mesmerized  by the enchantment.

Brunhild accustomed to victory pushed away her feelings and without beating around the bush she asked for her spear and commanded all to the place of tournament. The contest was about to begin. Brunhild was throwing her spear. It hurled like the wind and penetrated the earth in long distance. Immediately Gunther gave it a try. Siegfried took the magic hat and with invisible support Gunther threw his spear. Everyone was witnessed the miracle. Gunther had overcome Brunhild´s try.

She couldn´t believe her eyes but there was more to come. She took a stone and threw it with all her might. The stone crushed into some rock. It split up the boulder into pieces. She was satisfied but Gunther´s turn was even more successful. The invisible collaboration of Gunther and Siegfried not only overcome the distance of Brunhild´s try. Their stone split a cliff into pieces. Brunhild went pale. Tears of rage were running down her cheeks.  This couldn´t be for real. Something likeblack magic was going on.

She gave a last desperate try. The sport of long jump was her favourite. She bit her lip and tasted blood. She did a giant leap. She flew through the air and left the audience with a gasp. But you all  expected: Gunther with the invisible help of Siegfried was even more successful. Brunhild was turned to stone with glassy eyes. The blood was dripping from her lip. And she had to surrender. There was no turning back. The spoken word was law.
So she had to take Gunther´s hand and be his wife for the rest of her life. Despite that she was suspicious and not convinced. There seemed to be some foul deeds behind the scenes.

Unnoticed by everybody one man was feeling bad for her. Hagen von Tronje had been a man of honor for all his life. He was disgusted by this treason against the once proud queen of Iceland. An undignified behavior to any warrior soul. This shameful deed would conjure up something sinister.


The journey back was surrounded by angry storms and dark pendulous clouds. Heavy rain was coming down. Like black tears falling from the heavens. It felt like the old gods were complaining.  Some ancient rule was broken but the dirty deed was done.