The city of Worms was expecting another exorbitant celebration. This time the costs went far beyond. Only the sky was the limit. The hall of the castle was prepared in the most extravagant way. The return of King Gunther with his companions and his future wife was the all time outstanding festive occasion of the nobility. Everyone of rank and name had to be there. But all the splendour, the opulence and richness couldn´t hide a dark shadow rising over the whole kingdom. Down below the foundations of the seemingly invincible kingdom something strange was coming up. An invisible force, like some fearsome dragon was breathing thunder. The sensitive could feel a certain vibration.

Brunhild was still suspicious. During one of the glamorous and magnificent evenings she appeared dressed in black and with a stern look. She asked Gunther:   “You treated your vassal Siegfried as a king? How so?“ It`s against the status distinctions!“ Gunther replied:   “Siegfried isn´t my vassal! He is a king in his own right! Tonight I don´t want to explain anything! Let´s save it for another day!“ He gulped a beaker of beer and drank health to his table neighbours. Brunhild´s face went dark. Her eyes gave rise to a piercing look. The sharp looks of an eagle on the prowl. She remained silent.

Only days later the banquets and jollyfications were in full throttle. Finally the double wedding was near. The real climax of gorgeousness and glory. It´s impossible to describe the expense and outlay of the social highlight. It went beyond words. The  city of Worms turned to the center of the world. Sustaining for years this might be the talk of the day for high and low.No event of past and future could match this pinnacle of courtly radiance.
A whole society was celebrating itself. So far for the outward appearance.

 As everyone knows: A lot of light demands a lot of shadows. On the wedding night this should be proved to be true. When Gunther lead his bride to their bedroom the darkness seemed to transform into something that had a life of it´s own. An entity, a monster created by human will. As Gunther  opened the door of the royal chamber Brunhild gave him a rough shift. Paralysed as he was he couldn´t say a single word. Brunhild did cast a cold eye on her husband. She said:     “You shall not have me. I would lose my strength if I left behind my virginity. This is far too precious! That´s for sure: You are not the chosen one to take it.  With these words she got hold of him. With her strong hands she hung him at a nail on the wall. Gunther had to remain hanging on the wall until sunrise. Humiliated and shattered he faced a devastating time of his life. In the morning she took him down and left, leaving the king speechless.

Now good advice was expensive. Gunther had no idea what to do. In his despair he turned to Siegfied once more. The hero was about to help one more time. He said: “We were able to defeat her at Isenstein. We shall be successful again!“ With a confidential gesture he continued:  “ Tonight I will take the magic hat and I will be at the door to your bedroom. Help is on the way!“ Said and done on the next evening. Siegfried appeared invisible at Gunther´s side.

As Brunhild was about to repeat he game Siegfried was taking action. Gunther put all the lights out and in complete darkness Siegfried pounced on Brunhild. The fight was grim and sparks did fly. Finally Siegfried was able to take her down. She was fighting like some wildcat but the man was stronger.
In the end she gave up and Gunther took over. He did his so called duty of the wedding night. This was rape and violation and a second betrayal.  What happened next is not known. But that´s for sure: Darkness was rising and daylight didn´t return.

After this fateful night Brunhild wasn´t the same anymore. She was broken. She remembered her home in the north. Once a free and proud life seemed to be gone forever. Siegfried in return had taken her ring and belt as a trophy.He took the items and gave them as a present to his wife Kriemhild. We can only speculate what drove him to do so. Kriemhild asked about the affair and Siegfried told her his version of the story.

 At least the couple  felt uncomfortable. Within days both of them left for their future home: The city of Xanthen. The place gave them welcome with all    it´s chivalry and splendour. Siegfried became King of the Lowlands. For a while everything was in apple pie order.     


Darker days were about to come…