After this dark event the skies were really gloomy over the city of Worms. There were hailstorms and howling winds were haunting the stronghold. There was some dark force of energy seemed to be out of reach.. Something was terribly wrong. And the public humiliation at the cathedral was the talk of the day and it turned out to be some kind of piercing dagger in the heart of the kingdom.

When Siegfried learned what Kriemhild had done he had to confess that something has to be done.  And for the first time he experienced a dark mood that left him helpless like a child. It seemed like he got left behind the story and in a way he felt bereaved. Now talking about Gunther, the mighty King and Ruler of the realm. Gunther did the best he could to appease Brunhild but she kept her door locked.

During the next evenings a war council by was held. The inner circle of Gunther with his brothers Gernot and Giselher and, of course, as you can imagine, Hagen von Tronje.The dark knight demanded an immediate answer to the damage done. Without any doubt he suggested Siegfried has to die. The three royal brothers were in terror, terror  by the sullen words.  Shockwaves twisted the mind.

And Giselher was the only one who protested. He said:“ How can you? Siegfried is our friend. He did a power of good for the sake of the kingdom.“Hagen replied: “Well he did break the oath! He didn´t keep our secrets about the wedding night. Who knows what else he confessed to Kriemhild. Think about the aftermath. Now the kingdom is in danger.  The humiliation of the queen will spread in all corners of the earth. The Court of Burgund will be the mockery of everyone. We are the laughing stock of East and West, North and South. If we will not reestablish the honor of our dynasty we will be regarded as a weak bunch of cowards. Not long and our lands will be in flames. Nothing but fair game. The Saxons will love this. Weh ave to take action. The stigma has to be washed away by blood.“

Giselher tried to talk Hagen out of his vicious aim but his brothers remained silent. Now Gunther‘s weakness became evident. He was shrinking. He got smaller and smaller and ended up as some kind of garden gnome. Paralysed , with hollow eyes he couldn’t articulate a single word. After a while of silence that was hard to bear Hagen spoke again. His muscular strength and his tall figure did raise him over the bodies of everyone. In his dark voice he said: “I will do it by myself. I will be the only one to blame. There will be no shadow on the King of Burgund.“

Well Hagen proved to be a man of action. With his next words he underlined his dominance. The three brothers were stuck in submission.Hagen continued in cold blood: “We need a trick! The bath in the crimson lake turned him invulnerable but there is one tender spot between his shoulders. That´s his weakness. Dear companions let me tell you. Kriemhild will do me a favour.

Just for her own good and the sake of a safe homecoming. I will beg her to stich a cross on his garment so I can protect him in battle.This shall convince her. There is no doubt that´s the path to victory. The rest is mere child´s play.“ When Hagen left the brothers were standing as supernumerary.

In the following days the castle seemed to get soaked up by some evil spell. Inside the walls a roaring silence raised the toxic tension. One day the frozen silence was shattered by an arriving messenger. He brought, you might call it, some vicious fake news. The story was Lüdeger and Lüdegast, the Saxon hordes the old enemies were about to strike again the borders of Burgund. Once more a serious menace to the whole kingdom.  Again it was Siegfried to take up arms. He declared there would be no mercy this time.

Hagen was satisfied. The plan seemed to take the right direction. A refined trap was about to be constructed. And he was looking for a good reason to get near to Kriemhild. As the warriors gathered and prepared for war Hagen got to the chamber of Kriemhild. As a close friend and relative she trusted Hagen. Both were intimate companions for many years. She was moved by Hagen’s  aim to protect her husband in battle. She thanked him and both hugged each other. Sure she would stich that cross. And Kriemhild was full of praise of the family bonds and Hagen left the becalmed Queen with a certain smile on his face. All was going well and Hagen prepared for the dirty work.

Just on the next morning about 1000 warriors bristled  by weapons went on their way to battle. The ground was shacking under the hooves of the heavy horses. Not long and they were attended by a rider wearing the coat of arms of the enemy. The herald brought some refined fake news again. He told that Lüdeger and Lüdegast had withdrawn their armies and were aiming for peace again. The knights and warriors were laughing at the presumably anxious enemy. There was shouting like, who is like us, what’s like us. Hands were shaken and  thundering voices of triumph echoed through the forest.Gunther suggested to seize the day and go for a hunt. Everyone agreed.

The now established hunting party was in good spirits. They enjoyed several refreshments like beer, sparkling wine and plenty of other goods. The hunting horn was blowing. The dogs were barking and thus everyone was called to get to the horses again. The sport of kings was about to begin while the pack of hound rushed ahead. The hunters rode through the pleasant green woodlands full of huge ancient trees.

The ground appeared like a living carpet of grass, bushes, herbs, flowers and mushrooms of all kind. Inside the forest a huge number of animals were lurking between the undergrowth. Several springs gave birth to some streams and brooks that meandered thrrough emerald fields of moss smooth and soft like satin. And the waters seemed to be veins of a strange kind of creature that murmured through the whispering waters.

Siegfried was towering on his horse. Always self confident and sure to be the fastest of them all. He took a deep breath and truly felt in the prime of his life. The fresh air filled his lungs and he felt his heart beating in his chest by sheer excitement. And as he strove alone through the green halls beneath the mighty trees he was everything but aware that someone was following close at hand. After a while Siegfried got thirsty. His throat was burning. His eyes were searching for one of the numerous wells. He stared through the forest and still wasn´t aware of Hagen von Tronje who followed in some distance. And Hagen spotted every single move of the hero.

And Siegfried lead his horse to a whispering spring. The water bubbled out of some solid stones covered by moss like a blanket of silk.This was a most peaceful place to rest. The location was surrounded by giant trees with rustling leaves and full of singing birds. Siegfried got off his horse and knelt at the well like some pilgrim longing for holy water. He tasted the crystal clear liquid and cool water was flowing down his throat. He tasted that refreshing  flavor and felt the thirst-quenching feeling after a long haul. 

He enjoyed himself and went for another swallow. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound and felt a hit. In the blink of an eye something was different but Siegfried had no idea what it was.He felt completely frozen. All noises of the forest had stopped. The place was bathed in silence. No birds singing, no trees whispered, no murmuring waters. Just then he saw something strange and disturbing. The water of the well had turned red. His eyes went down and he saw the head of a spear coming out of his chest. It had penetrated his body from behind. Drops of blood were dripping into the water. One by one the puzzle pieces were coming together.

A stiching and cutting pain took possession of Siegfried like some venom of  a poisonous snake.  Siegfried started to shiver. He turned  his head in unbearable pain. There was Hagen towering on his horse. Cloaked in black as the grim reaper himself. He was impassive and unmoved by his deed. Siegfried felt his life force slowly fading and whispered one last word: “Traitor“.

All went dark. Soon the hunting party got around. Nobody spoke a single word. They took Siegfried´s body back home to Worms. On their was through the deep forest the silence remained like a shroud over the whole landscape. And for any reason they laid the dead body just before the door to Kriemhild´s chamber.

When she opened the door next morning at dawn her desperate cry shattered the silence of the new day. Her voice sounded like the sound of some wounded animal. Everyone who experienced this impression couldn’t forget it fort he rest of their lives. Nothing could be done against this turning of the tide. Kriemhild was falling in deep grief and madness. She was broken.

In a way she was dying never to return to this world again. As the three brothers showed up with Hagen close behind something weird happened. Siegfried´s wound started to bleed again. Kriemhild knew all to well what that meant. This tormenting sight gave birth to something sinister deep inside her soul. Some artificial intelligence was brought to life.


A fearful organic entity being programmed for just  one purpose: Revenge!