The seasons came and went. Three long years passed. Kriemhild was still a very beautiful woman. Her outward appearance offered a perfect look in great fashion. She kept her pride and dignity but inside she suffered. Some noticed her unreal performance. They dared a closer look and were terrified by looking in her hollow eyes. Kriemhild refused to talk to Gunther and Hagen kept away. Away from that Hagen was as always concerned  about the welfare of Gunther and the kingdom. When everyone seemed turned to stone he was still in action. When the going gets tough the tough get going. He was still the same.

One day he said to king Gunther: “Isn´t it a shame! The vast treasure of the Nibelung Folk is kept useless in the hidden caves of the northern mountains. It could do a power of good to our purpose. We should move it to our place.“  Gunther replied: “ You´re turning foolish at last“. Kriemhild has to consent to. It´s her property and she won´t talk to me anymore. If you´re into miracles, go ahead.“ “Well“ said Hagen. “There is a way but you both have to reconcile“. Gunther turned away whispering: “inconceivable“! Well Hagen was cunning like a fox. He knew only Gernot and Giselher, the younger brothers would be able to get in touch with Kriemhild again.

The bonds between the siblings are always strong he thought. Actually Gernot and Giselher gave it a try and at the end of the day they were succcessful. Fortunately Kriemhild agreed to get the treasure to The city of Worms. Officially she gave it a spin to act for the common good. She confessed about the holiness of family business, at least so it seemed. The official reconcilation was a great day for the public. Everybody was happy to see the royal family back in shape. The splendour of the dynasty felt like a beacon after dark times. There were bread and games for the common folk and the usual bright banquets for the nobility.

The power and the glory was raising the classes high. But for every insider this was nothing but a shadow play.  The reconciliation was just an agreement. A false declaration without soul and some even called it a stillbirth. The political interests were obvious: Gunther was looking forward to participate in the enormous treasure. A tempting possibility to gain more power and expand the prosper of the lands. The notion was just too promising to be missed. Kriemhild was eager to prepare her revenge. Money buys everything and especially loyal friends or even mercenaries.

It didn´t take long and she authorized Gernot and Giselher to travel to Norway and organize the shipping  of the treasure from the misty north to the sunny south. The transport was a huge challenge and Alberich, the dwarf, the treasure keeper would be the supervisor to the project of giants. The dwarf would oversee everything and he welcomed the two brothers. He introduced the two of them to the hidden caves. He took the magic key and opened the gates to the inner kingdom under the earth.

When the two brothers walked through the portal they were caught by a strange feeling of meeting something that should be kept under lock and key.  Alberich with his snow white hair and long beard went ahead. His dark eyes seemed to look deep in another world invisible to human insight. About a dozen servants with blazing torches followed.A ghostly light flashed into the darkness and the two brothers felt the weird presence of evil spirits.

Veins of gold were squirming through walls of solid stone. They looked like spiral snakes finding their way through rock stratums.  On the ground scurried several. salamanders with crystal eyes. Everywhere there was the dull sound of hammering from deep inside this labyrinth. Finally they reached the secret chambers.

The royal brothers feared to lose their minds. They were blinded by some unearthly light. The treasure trove was beyond human imagination, measure and idea. On enchanting tapestries and skins of otherworldly animals there were piles of glittering and sparkling items. Shining bright colors  produced  a kaleidoscope consisting of jewelry, rings, chains, coins and gems of all kind. The guests from the south moved from chamber to chamber with a gasp. Everywhere was richness. Pots of gold, diamonds and pearls like moondrops, incredible sculptures of silver showing beasts that seemed most alive.

But away from the precious and inconceivable richness  a cold wind was blowing from a dark and hidden space. It chilled right to the bones but Gernot and Giselher were just mesmerized by all they had seen. They were beaten by the miracle of this unreal experience. Well Alberich the dwarf said to the two brothers: “All this splendor belongs to your sister Kriemhild. Take it to her and hopefully it will do no harm to her.“ His words sounded like a prophecy and the brothers felt some kind of uneasiness but they continued their business. Alberich disappeared in a secret space of dreams.

When the whole treasure was moved to the city of Worms there was a huge shift going on. Unbeknownst of most the Tribe of the Burgundian people they turned into something different. Whoever owns the treasure would get the namesake of the Nibelung Folk. Some suspected the gold was occupied by some ancient curse.Whether right or wrong saying, nobody cared!

Kriemhild was the first to use the richness for her own purpose. She gave  huge amounts to the poor and did a power of good to the commons. She was much about charity. Her generous donations produced a huge number of followers and her reputation was  building up.  Hagen was the first to observe her actions with concern and anger. Immediately he talked to Gunther. Gunther just shrugged his shoulders. He said: “t´s all your fault“. “It was your idea to move the treasure. Just see what you can do“. As always Gunther was no man of action.

Again it was up to Hagen to be the man of the hour. Powerful and smart as he was he organized the crime of the century. Another crime against culture and chivalry. Another blow against Kriemhild. When the royal family went on a visit to a befriended tribe Hagen didn´t hesitate. He gathered all his men and started to take possession of the treasure. The whole amount without missing a single coin was taken out of the royal castle.It took days to empty the treasury-vault.  All the shiny property was loaded on a ship.Hagen took the steering wheel all by himself.  He sailed down the river Rhine to a secret place.Only the moon was watching from above.

Hagen knew a secret place where the waters were deep. A place surrounded by tricky rapids. In the dead of the night he drowned the whole treasure. During his dirty work clouds were hiding the moon and some distant thunder reminded Hagen that someone or something was still watching. The waters swallowed every piece of the immeasurable treasure. And from the deep something was coming up.

A swarm of mermaids were rising.Their slender bodies were swirling and twisting and the waters like sea horses. With otherworldly eyes they watched curiously what happened. They were not fond of Hagen´s deed. They were completely unmoved by all the richness. Hagen was surprised by their indifferent manners. It occurred to him that they had some ancient knowledge.


They might know the treasure was cursed forever…