What about the man who would shook up the world and inspire it
 to greater honour or treachery?
He was the son of glorious King Sigmund and Queen Siglind.
Their stronghold was the city of Xanthen and both ruled over the kingdom
of the Lowlands.
From the early days of his short life Siegfried proved to be an extraordinary
As a small boy he was playing tricks all the time and was fooling his teachers.
Unconcious to him he was about to create an identity which offered him a look
at the world where only the sky was the limit.
Everything seemed possible and there would be no counting the cost.
As he grew he gained strength and bravery no one could match.
Even in his youth he was stronger than any man in the whole kingdom.
All too soon he felt a chain draggin` that once was relief.
One fine day he said to his parents: „Father, mother I have to go into the wilderness and find out what`s my own.
The royal couple agreed but they set one condition: The young lad had to forge his own sword. Well, said so done!
He was taken to a smithy and was trained by an old blacksmith.
He learned to handle hammer and anvil.

He was initiated in the secrets of forging. He was keen to learn and in a short time his hands were about to do magical craftsmanship.
The steel was glowing and Siegfried hardened it with his very own blood.
Bathed in sweat and surrounded by steam he hammered out his sword with great skill.
Unaware to him with every blow of the hammer he underwent a fateful emotional branding. The crafting of a new self. The alchemy of transformation had just begun. He was prepared for his journey and ready to take arms.


For many days he was heading south. He made his way through dark woodland and malicious moors full of creatures of the strangest kind.
Flibbertigibbits mocked him and green faces with evil eyes stared through the underbrushes. The Will` O`The Wisp seemed to turn him mad.
For the first time he felt shame and his pride was shaken.
Now he felt on his own like a complete unknown. The critical mass of shame and pride boiled up.
As a result deep in the back of his mind something dark was rising.
The test of ultimate will produced a certain power like a double edged sword.
The child inside had died!
After some more days he reached a land with mountains and harsh rocks.
One evening he arrived at a smallholding and found shelter from the night.
The farmers were great with hospitality. By the fireside they told him weird tales
of a fearsome dragon that dwelt in some hidden cave deep in the foothills of a mysterious mountain called „The Dragonstone“.
Immediately the  young man´s eyes were on fire. He knew what he had to do.
On the next day he gave thanks to his landlords and went on his way to the Dragonstone.
Not long and the pathway went narrow and steep.

 On the ground he found scattered bones of animals and human beings.
The rocky walls on both sides of the track were black and wet. There was a smell of mildew and the whole place felt like decay. A real rotten spot.
Just ahead of him close to the edge of a rocky ledge there stood an old linden tree. The soft wind shook  it´s branches and slowly one by one some leafs circled
to the ground.
Summer would soon come to an end.
Instantly there were strange sounds ringing out. Something like grinding and scratching. With great caution the young hero looked around a large rock.
What he saw turned his blood running cold.
There was the most ugly monster ever spat out of the gates of hell.
It appeared like a giant lizard. Sharp teeth were grinning and out of his nostrils black smoke was rising.
The air was full of sulphur vapor. The body of the creature was covered by grey scales. Siegfried felt strange because of the poisenous smell.
He aimed to to turn back. Fear turned his body to stone. He looked straight in the eyes of the dragon.
What did he see? In the blink of an eye he saw himself. Just then some ancient kind of madness took possession of him. The branding of his warrior soul had worked well. It was too late anyway.
The beast went after him and Siegfried stood his ground. His sword took a mighty blow and crashed on the giant head.
This was the blast off. Evil incarnate was unleashed. The dragon rose up in the air as high as a tower. Only seconds later man and monster started a hell dance as cruel as could be.
Claws of fear and terror met angry steel. Sparks were flying and demons of wrath were howling. A grim feast of devastation was going on. The desperate fight went wilder and wilder. The flashing of steel against snapping jaws  produced a turmoil beyond words.

In the end Siegfried thrusted his sword deep in the belly of the beast.
With a most awful sound and nasty noises the dragon´s body shivered in pain.
He turned down in a crimson lake of his very own blood.
Siegfried was exhausted. He seemed impassive and unmoved by his own victory.
he took one heavy breath after another. Soon the force of life came back to his body. After a while he saw something strange. He noticed some drops of the dragon´s blood on his right arm. The liquid had created a second skin like a natural armour. He remembered the tales of yore:
The blood of a dragon could turn someone to be invulnerable!
So he didn´t hesitate. He jumped in the crimson lake of steaming blood and took a disgusting bath. Now his fate was sealed. This baptism of blood caused the final addiction to the way of the ultimate warrior.
But alas fate is cunning and it never misses a chance.
Still one by one the leafs of the old linden tree circled to the ground.
Just one fell softly on Siegfrieds right shoulder. Unnoticed there turned up the only vulnurable spot of the hero´s body.

So the story goes on…