The experience was very powerful. A window on a world that was unfamiliar yet somehow easy to feel at home in, and full of relevance to the struggles in which we are all engaged.

John Ashton

I really enjoyed the Immersion. The zoom format with the breakout rooms worked really well.I loved the oral tellings. It was always such a pleasure to the senses.

Marie Therese Walker

Thanks so much for the last Bard Immersion sessions.  It feels so appropriate to be spending some time on this type of thinking and sharing at this time so thank you for bringing your wisdom and skill and generosity to me.

Jenny Dungan

As usual, the Bard School was an amazing experience. Thanks for engaging us in a complex, diverse and emotional experience.  It felt as though we really entered the “power of the myth”.

John McFadden

To see the relevance of the mythological stories revealing themselves in today’s world was mind-blowing. Thank for putting so much work into it; for lightening it up so that we could laugh a lot, and also for making it sufficiently immersive so that we had to take it seriously – a very unusual combination. 

Mairead McGrath

Thank you so much for organising another bountiful Immersion… I for one am so very excited by what is possible through this work.  Imagine having a whole country operate like that…Wow.

Mari O’Connell

That was a wonderfully rich experience! Thank you so much for allowing me to share in this Virtual Bard! Congratulations to the excellent dedication of Emma, Joni, Chaobang and Emmet….great generosity of spirit and academic know how in the Bard team!

Tom Fitzgerald

Thanks to all the facilitators and participants – glad to have  participated in such an uplifting  experience in these strangest of times. Loved all the breakout groups – wonderful to “meet” folks from different continents and countries. Loved the music, poetry, and song.

Bernie Behan

Here goes my thanks for a wonderful Bard season…There’s not much good to be said about the pandemic, but I can’t help feeling hugely grateful for the internet explosion!  Thanks so much to the Bard team for the hours of laughter and reflection, moments of enlightenment, of sharing and touching spiritually.  Joy, in a word… coming home.

Margarita Kenefica

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