The winds of change prevailed. The City of Worms attended to the departure of the societies cream of the crop. The astonishing juggernaut of 1000 warriors was quite a sight. That Burgundians moved towards east. The days went by and after weeks on their way the landscape changed. It got wilder every day, and the people of the Rhine felt amazement by the foreign country. Finally, they reached the Castle of Count Rudiger the suitor of Atilla. The guests enjoyed heartfelt hospitality and had a rest for several days. They recovered from the hot traveling in and found relief in Hot Springs and simple pleasures of life.

And as life goes, Giselher here, fell in love with Ruddigers beautiful daughter, Dietlind. Before departure, he asked Rudiger for the hand of his daughter. And Rudiger was delighted and agreed. It seemed to be another perfect match. And joy filled the hearts of all. The dark times seemed to melt away. Rudiger went ahead to guide his guests to Atilla’s place. They had to travel for some more weeks and one bright afternoon, a steep mountain appeared.

The summit was crowned by huge castle. Numerous towers were rising into the four winds bar. Mighty walls protected the magnificent stronghold and the whole architecture caught the Burgundians by surprise. Maybe it was the foreign construction of the keep? Or was it just a trick of the light. For some, the impressive Castle seemed to transform to a giant skull. Like some magical vision. Whatever it was, this apparition was blown away by Atilla’s warmth and the enthisastic reception.

Kriemhild’s welcome to the guests was another story. She embraced just Gernod and Giselher. To the rest she kept distance, and especially Hagen received a cold look. At the evening, the host offered all he had to give a whole wealth of the powerful kingdom produced the most overwhelming festivity you can think of the splendor of. A realm that embraced east and west gave rise to extra ordinary enchantment.

A unique mixture of gorgeous offerings of hospitality, illuminated by all the power and the glory of Attila and Kriemhild. All guests were sitting at long tables in the enormous Hall. They couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. The heart of the court was amazing as could be. Rich tapestries showed fabulous animals and dragons. It seemed they were most alive, caused by a mind blowing spell. tricks and stunts were performed. And the Sabre dance was the peak of all entertainment. The audience was deeply impressed.

The evening mood was rising high and everyone was in good spirits. The rich taste of spicy wine and the numbing effects of incense took control of the mind. Finally, it was time to go to sleep. The novel guests were taken to their chambers. Nearly all fell in a deep spellcasting sleep. Only Haagen and Volker the Bard stayed awake. They guarded the hypnosis of their kinfolk. The night was silent and calm. The light of the full moon bathed the night in a cloak of silver. A light wind was blowing, and it’s soft touch felt like satin on skin.

Away from the romantic mood, Hagen and Volker didn’t take it for real. There was some real menace in the air and both kept their eyes open until dawn. Next day, celebrations continued, and Attila did the best to comfort his guests. He had no clue about the deadly intentions of his wife. To his very surprise, everyone insisted to keep the arms and armours when he confronted them, they responded. ”It’s just the way of us”.  Just custom of a warrior’s menace.

The king was wondering about what he exactly he accepted. When the whole party went to the hall to have another sumptuous dinner, Atilla played an additional card of his friendly Game of Thrones. He called for his son, Ortleib. And when the boy showed up, Attila asked how I can, if he would have the kindness to take the child with him as a foster son. A further proof of his good intentions to have a special relationship to the kingdom of Burgund. This most friendly gesture was deeply heartfelt, and move the whole older audience, except one person, Hagen.

Hagen proved to be a character of the strangest his art is harsh answer, ruined it all. He said. Sure, I’ll take the boy with me. But I suppose he’s too much of a weakling. Our glorious court of noble warriors is no place for a coward of the East. All of a sudden, a silence fell, like some black curtain on a vicious stage play. Attila’s face went pale at first, followed by a cloud that darkened his profile. The immediate transformation that frees up the joy in every heart, pure hostility filled the place, hatred, and Ill Will but creeping in like snakes and reptiles of evil.

It felt like beasts of prey were prowling around and got ready for attack. Some daggers were secretly drawn, and the tension was rising. But for this time, madness was prevented. You have to know King Attila was a man of real power. He was the master of his very own emotions. The stormy mood did calm down one last time. But away from this, the atmosphere was poisoned.

After a depressing meal, everybody went for a night without sleep. In the first light of a new day, everyone of rank and named assembled in the hall. The air was thick, and something was coming through. There were King Atilla and Queen Kriemhild with their son Ortleib. Besides them stood the closest vessels Count Rudiger and King Dietrich von Berne who wasin  the company of Hildebrand his first night. On the other side, gathered the tribe of the Burgundians, King Gunther and his two brothers. Hagen von Trone with Volker the Bard in the company of Dankwort, a famous warrior. They were surrounded by a bunch of famous knights from all Burgund, a warrior elite of no equal.

The gathering of the tribes was quite a sight. But the atmosphere was cold as ice and in this chilly state of pressure, a new arrival appeared on stage. The tide turned forever. The brother of King Atilla entered the hall with some of his warriors. He gave Kriemhild a conspiring look, and without beating around the bush, he rushed to Hagen von Trone and declared war. He shouted to the whole crowd.

That Queen demands revenge on the death of her husband Siegfried, you shall die by our swords. King Attila was taken aback by some eclipse., and at the same moment all hell was breaking loose. A 100 things happened at once. From outside the hall, a voice was crying in desperation. All the warriors of Burgundy have been killed and most cruel assassination left no one alive. King Atilla’s brother drew his sword and pounced on Hagen. But the Dark Knight was faster. He drew Siegfried’s own sword Balmung and choppedthe head of Atilla’s sibling. A fountain of blood was rising from the torso, and a horrible howling filled the air. Swords were drawn and tables were turned. Chairs were thrown and daggers stacked and cut throats.

All at once a merciless onslaught began. Assaults crossed and within seconds, human beings turn to screaming beasts. Steel was singing and cutting through flesh and bones. Hagen did a giant leap and chopped off the head of Ortleib. The child’s head flew like a bowl straight in the hands of Kriemhild.. She stared in the dead eyes of her son and lost control. Through all the madness, the Grim Reaper seem to take over, And mutual annihilation was the game. Dogged and furious, the warriors produced a bloodbath.

The Knights of the hunts rushed in like waves. There were hundreds of them, but they felt like grain under the Reaper. The insanity of the battle was forced by the gods of wrath, and the Crimson flood was flowing down the hall. Hagen seemed to overshadow them all. He hacked and slashed through the enemy rows, hands, limbs arms and legs were cut off and scattered buddies covered the ground.

But still, the tides of madness swell and we’re sliding into hell. The Burgundians were standing back to back and did the ghoulish work of pure war machines. Meanwhile, it was hard to decide who was friend or enemy. The Killing evolved to be a brute force of nature, a massacre of some doomsday clash.

That’s all at once a silence fell and the fighting stopped. The Burgundians stood their ground. Piles of dead bodies with crimson streams covered the wooden floor. The Burgundians were exhausted or they just suffered light wounds. Immediately, they started to throw the dead bodies out of the large windows.

Outside, King Attila and Kriemhild watch the scene with glassy eyes and organized the next assault. Atilla acted like a puppet to a string, but Kriemhild was in too deep. Her eyes were burning when the replenishment arrived. As night was falling, the Huns were back with great strength. A shower of spears was raining down on the defenders.

The attackers had set them on fire. Now the javelins looked like shooting stars, and they raised some kind of wildfire in the hall. Not long and the roof beams were burning. And sure the Burgundians suffered from the blazing inferno and they were tormented by thirst have no limits. But like some miracle, they didn’t die.

The Firestorm couldn’t do no harm to them. Atilla’s warriors were in terror that foreign knights couldn’t be for real. Some told the Burgundians kept themselves alive by drinking the blood of the dead. They must be demons out of some kind of hell. The Warriors and knights refuse to attack again. they turn their backs to the King Abdullah instead turn to his vessels count Rudiger and King Dietrich.

They had tears in their eyes, but they were obedient. With grim faces they gathered their own warriors and got ready to fight. There was no mercy in the bloody game Count Rudiger killed Gernot in a single combat. Gernod’s sword penetrated Rudiger’s body as well. Both fell to the ground and drowned in their own blood. And now, the bells tolled for the Burgundians. They suffered heavy losses.

There was further chopping and rifting in in the heat of battle Dankwort and Volker  the Bard joined in a cruel struggle to death. In this final doomsday scenario, only Gunther and Hagen were alive. Indeed, King Dietrich had them captured by his fighting skills. Both men were exhausted and were bleeding of many wounds. Kriemhild was flashing a bloody smile. She had bitten her lips and turned to Hagen and she asked about the secret place where the treasure was kept. Haagen was laughing with the flavor of insanity.

He said, I will never tell you the secret place as long as anyone of the Burgundians is still alive. The eyes of Kriemhild turned red, and she gave order to bring her the head of King Gunther. A loyal warrior did the bloody work. But when Gunther’s head was presented, Haagen burst out in laughter again, he said, Now, you will never get to know the secret. All the gold is lost for ever. He gave her a triumphant smile. And Kriemhild didn’t hesitate.

She took Siegfried sword Balmung and thrust it deep in Hagen’s belly, a burst of blood came out of his mouth, and The Dark Knight drew his last breath. In the end Hildebrand the first knight of King Dietrich put an end to it. He did what he thought was his duty. He killed Kriemhild with a single blow of his own sword. He wasn’t in rage. He intended to reestablish a strange kind of balance. Some weird equilibrium had to be restored. The tortured Queen sank to the ground. All the pain and hatreds disappeared from her face. She looked like in a deep, soothing piece.

Finally, all the fighting was done. King Dietrich and Atilla we’re standing with frozen ice. The coldness of death was around. How should any human soul live on with a disaster like this? Well, did all this really happen? Was this for real? Or some crazy dream? Has it had to be this way? Well, I’m telling you, if you walk along the banks of the River Rhine and get to ancient places, you might hear some whisper in the trees.


Maybe you will find the answer. They’re still blowing in the wind.